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Welcome to American Theme Weddings. We have built our site having the categories of American theme weddings and Las Vegas theme weddings. Of course, any theme may be a theme for a wedding, and so the American theme wedding section covers everything except the popular Las Vegas Themes. The first being Anthony and Cleopatra. It seems that the people who stay at the Luxor or Caesars Palace are drawn into the magic of the Nile and
ancient Rome, and find themselves dressing as Cleopatra, King Tut, Marc Anthony, or
Caesar. Woman love the giant gold headdresses and the long flowing gold gowns and want to be Elizabeth Taylor with their “Richard Burton” for a day.

Secondly, the men seem to make themselves happy when they choose pirates of the Caribbean with the long coats, high boots and plumed hats; and the ladies follow as they pick the lavish Marie Antoinette wardrobe along with a bustle and high boots to accentuate their costumes.

The fifties theme is next in popularity. The poodle skirts and saddle shoes bring back a sense of nostalgia and fond memories for the women, and the men love the letter sweaters and leather jackets; now throw on a fifties Elvis gold lame costume on the groom and make the bride look like Anne Margaret with bouffant hair and tight pedal pushers or Capri pants and were on our way to the chapel. The fifties costumes are definitely simpler and easy to wear. Many of our costumes come in white for the bride.

Oh dear, two people that want to dress as Klingons … not to mention the two gorillas down the aisle. What’s next you ask? it looks like Steam punk…..that glorious mixture of turn of the century and military or science fiction. Those Victorian men in their tailcoats and high top hats adding a nice set of bullet belts and goggles . The theme weddings are more and more popular every day. People coming to American costumes are living out their fairy tale wedding dreams. Their wedding albums are filled with pictures that are lively and colorful and fun. Being in costume is so much easier than tailoring a tux or fitting a gown. It’s inexpensive and romantic and fun.

Call us to dress you in costume for your theme wedding at (702) 671 0116. Also call us for wedding chapel accommodations to fit your theme. We also supply balloon decorations and entertainment. Have cupid visit with his love message and sing ,or Elvis to give the bride away or have Austin conduct the ceremony…..yeah baby!