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Las Vegas American Costumes the Knight in Shining Armor

This is the night watch man at American Costumes. Of course if he were to rent people would ask for the Knight in Shining Armor. I think the most interesting thing about this costume is that nobody really wants to put it on. Not only is it claustrophobic, but it weighs a ton. The idea of renting this piece of polished metal is to propose marriage to your beloved, being her knight in shining armor …the guy who would die for his princess. Strangely enough he would joust his opponent for her hand..Could you imagine what he would do for her whole body? The costume usually comes with a lance or sword but most people usually use a cane, especially after they come out of it. It’s a one size fits most from medium to extra large and it rents for $250 and it sells for $1500 which is marked down from the normal retail of $2200…We suggest you wear heavy clothing underneath like thick sweat clothes . If someone wanted to match this costume, a squire costume would do; also a horse. Some of the fun things to do in this costume is to walk around in a renaissance fair and take pictures, stand out in the middle of the street and sing a song from Camelot to your sweetheart or just put it on in the back yard on a real hot summers day and use it as a sauna. There was one instance where a young lady bought it to put in her living room. When I asked her why, she replied “every woman deserves a KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR! DON’T YOU THINK?

Tips for Narrowing Down Adult Costume Ideas

Costume parties are fun and date back many years. Still, sometimes it was easier to choose a costume as a child than an adult. The following should help you figure out some ideas because there are many American costumes to choose from.

Tips for Choosing America Costumes for Adults

There are a few ideas that might work like the following:

Of course, these are just some ideas, and you can find them in Halloween stores Las Vegas. In fact, most of these would be great for Vegas costume ideas because they capture some of the things that Las Vegas is known for. Consider the showgirl outfits, which should be great for a Vegas themed costume party. Vegas costume ideas for couples could include a showgirl alongside a magician that tries to put on a good show. The Elvis jumpsuit costume will work for a Vegas theme, too, but this man is iconic enough; everyone knows Elvis.

If you are looking for other outfits that do not scream Vegas, the America costumes mentioned above like roaring 20s mens costumers, gypsy outifts, and a viking costume are great disguises.

The Halloween stores Las Vegas have more costumes to choose from, and adults have a lot more choices than you can imagine. The key is to narrow down the costumes America to the one that will work best.

The easiest thing that you can do is figure out the theme of the costume that you want to use. You want to figure out if you want to be scary, funny, creative, or whimsical. All you have to do is let your true essence shine. Do not be afraid to choose an outfit that represents that.

One thing that adults have over children is time. Children usually want to dress like characters from the modern age. An adult can easily reference all sorts of things, which can make looking for a costume even more fun. Adults can dress like characters from older films or shows. The reference alone is a conversation starter should you be attending a party with a bunch of strangers.

Adults can be a little more daring with their costumes than children. This means that costumes that are a little sexy would be okay. Besides, it is not something that you can do everyday, so why not go all out for this costume party?

Those who love to be scary can definitely do this. Adults do not have to worry about being too graphic or too gory since children will not be around. This should open you up to several costumes that you might not have thought about before.

Hopefully, these tips make it easier for you to find the right costume that fits with the season and the fact that you are an adult.

Snag Your Own Sexy Showgirl Costume!

Nothing says ‘Las Vegas’ like showgirls, and the best showgirl costumes in Las Vegas can be found at American Costumes! You’re sure to make a glamorous statement in our glitzy showgirl costumes, offered for rent or sale at American Costumes. Las Vegas showgirls are famed for their jaw-dropping beauty and outrageously seductive costumes,and are loved the world over. Showgirls capture the attention and admiration of every room they enter– and everyone in it! They’re the goddesses of the Las Vegas strip– and now you too can achieve that very same authentic showgirl look. Whether you’re looking for a sexy one-piece costume or daring two-piece costume, you’ll have your pick of a variety of stunning styles at American Costumes.

Each one of our costumes are designed to perfectly flatter your body and show off your assets to their best advantage. These ensembles are perfect for wallflowers who want a chance to really let their wild-side run free, or confident women who know what they’ve got and want to show it off with pride and style! You’ll be a total show-stopper in our stunning feather, bead and sequin showgirl costumes. American Costumes offers these costumes for sale or rental, in a wide assortment of colors and styles, each impeccably finished and constructed with expert care. Be it purple, blue, red, green, white, black, gold or silver– sequins, feathers, beads or fringe–we have it all. You’ll be delighted at the variety of our costume offerings, each ensemble more lavish and breathtaking than the next. Plus, your new showgirl costume will come with its own breath-taking headdress, perfectly matched to your chosen costume, so you’ll truly look like the quintessential Las Vegas showgirl you’ve always wanted to be. The only thing missing is you!

Burning Man 2015: What to Wear

Every year, tens of thousands of people flock the Black Rock Desert of Nevada to form a community dedicated to art, self-reliance, self-expression and creativity. The culture inspired from the Burning Man’s long-standing tradition has encouraged many around the world to create art, express themselves and live life to the fullest. This year another set of individual acts of self-expression within the context of communal efforts will spark another catalyst of self-love around the world.
The 2015 Burning Man is a celebration of self and creativity, so people clad in various costumes of different sorts and styles are expected to grace the event. Coming in plain, simple outfits are not at all prohibited, but slipping into one of your choosing will likely to make you feel belonged and elevate the experience.
For this, we have come up with top picks of Forgotten City 2015 outfits that are perfect for everyone.

Go ala-Picasso lay-back and comfy with this artistic outfit. This is perfect for the warm desert environment while staying in sync with the arts and creativity around.
Burning Man
The Death God costume is also a popular choice as an outfit for self-expression. This is a reflection of defiance to everything and a profound statement for embracing life.
The 2015 Burning Man ‘s Art Theme is all about masks, so if you want some of our most creative masks click here.
Self-expression is not something to be suppressed, defy the norms and stand out. These costumes may give out a hint of anarchy, but that’s the idea of unapologetic self-expression, isn’t it?
It’s a celebration of colors in Forgotten City 2015, so you might as well come in colorful get-ups. Fairies and butterfly costumes are always sexy and artistic. Feel the vibe!

Think outside the box and unleash your inner creative self, for more amazing costume styles and ideas, check out American Costumes today!

What to Wear at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas 2015

An eclectic sea of neon glow-in-the-dark paraphernalia drowned in electronic music with people in costumes both awesome and worrisome. The Electric Daisy Carnival is one helluva celebration that puts in a perfect combo of creativity, festivity and fun. To be staged in the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, just 20 miles off Las Vegas Strip on June 19- 21, hundreds of thousands are expected to come in funny painted faces, fuzz boots and scanty outfits, if they are dressed at all, to witness breath-taking firework shows, carnival rides and dance to EDM.
This year’s attendees are all clad in awesome costumes as per EDC tradition and coming in shirts and jeans may seem a little out of place. So if you want to belong to EDC like you are supposed to, come in the best outfits you can muster.
We have put together some of our best recommendations of EDC- perfect costume ideas that you, too, will love! Here are some of our top picks:

Fairy costumes are popular top picks in past EDC events—the colorful, the better. You and your friends can come in varying colors for that added awesomeness.
We don’t know why, but there’s always something sexy in black angel costumes. These sexy, dark outfits are beautiful contrasts in EDC’s sea of colors.
Cat woman inspired suits command sexiness like nothing else. This overall style outfit portrays sexiness without baring all.
Be one with the colors of EDC with this awe-inspiring Avatar costume. Stylish and sexy your friends will envy you for being so gorgeously clad. Plus, this comes perfect with face painting.
Circus mistress costumes are also fantastic picks! You can also have daring clown costumes and come in numbers for that added fabulousness.

No matter what you wear for EDC 2015 Las Vegas, first things first, and that is safety. Stay safe while having fun!

What to wear at Rock in Rio Las Vegas 2015

In its 30th anniversary, Rock in Rio hits America, and it will be staged in no other than the sin city! This long-standing music tradition that originated in Brazil made waves of historic performance with big names as Paul McCartney, Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more. This year, headline performances are expected to blow the roof. With much anticipation, this worldwide-hit event is expected to be another epic one with all the music, people, and of course, costumes.

You can attend in plain shirts and jeans, but coming in an attention-grabbing costume will add spice to your experience. Here are our costume ideas that will sure to make heads turn and let you enjoy the festival more.

Hey, it’s the Sin City, so you might as well dress accordingly. Devil costumes are not only hot and sexy, but it makes any concert more wickedly fun!

Come in style with sexy and colorful 70’s inspired costume that will mirror the vibrant celebration and let you move freely. American 70’s costumes are perfect for any musical event.
Dark, devilish and sexy! This black angel costume is perfect for the Rock in Rio party atmosphere– classy with some sprinkles of mischief.
Finally, if sweet and sexy is a combination you prefer, fairy costumes are perfect for you. This style allows you to move freely if you feel like dancing.

Whatever costume you decide to slip into for Rock in Rio 2015, the first thing to keep in mind is comfort and being able to move freely. Remember that a lot of people will be coming, so you want a costume that is easy to carry and move around with.

Top 70’s Outfits Pick for Ladies On Your Next Costume Party

Retro costume parties are among the favorites of costume party hosts. The 70’s was blessed with fashion trends that seemed timeless, with all its hip colors, bell bottoms, wigs, oversized accessories, and everything in between.Here, we put together some of the top 70’s costumes picks that will sure to take you back into the decade of rock and roll.

Be colorful and cheery! This retro outfit is sure to set the dance floor on fire and will catch men’s attention. Paired with this dashing yellow boots, you will sure to get groovy and sexy!

Bring back the glory of the bell bottom days with this savvy outfit that perfectly fits your body. Together with the right bling-bling and accessories and matching headband, you will be the apple of everyone’s eyes.

This costume screams everything groovy. From that gorgeous bell bottomed, long-sleeved overall to that fantastic afro wigs!

Beat the dance floor by rocking and rolling with this Elvis-inspired 70-s costume. Truly flashy and fierce!

Finally, this outfit yells everything that’s 70’s– from the colors and design to the florals, laces and matching shades. This is a definite must-have (Left)

Dress up in 70’s style with class, fashion and passion. Come to American Costumes to see more of these lovely collections.

Taking the Poodle Skirt Back on Your Next 50’s Party

The baby-boomers of the 1950’s where not just survivors, having survived a major economic catastrophe and a world war, they are also men and women of music and fashion. The adorable 50’s gave birth to one of America’s most notable fashion item—the Poodle Skirt. It is a wide wing felt skirt of bright bold color displaying a design often of a poodle. Designed by known fashion designer July Lynne Charlot, this piece of retro-style clothing became a well-known trend in the 50’s, with ladies fashioning them on streets, bars and pubs.

Thus, it is only highly recommendable that when it comes to finding a 50’s outfit for women, the Poodle Skirt is definitely the best pick. Here are some of the ways to conjure the most gorgeous 50’s look with a Poodle Skirt:

This bold and bright violet Poodle Skirt is perfect for a young and fresh 50’s look. Pair with a plain silk blouse and a pink headband, accentuated with a screaming red belt, you will look more than gorgeous!

For a more sophisticated look, this red Poodle Skirt is something you would want to sport in your next 50’s party. Paired with a letdown red ribbon that puts your hair together in a clean bun, you will look like a 50’s sweetheart. It perfectly contrasts with a matching striped red and black casual shirt and a red belt with some metallic accents.

For the more conservative type, this elegant style using a navy blue poodle skirt is a perfect get-up. A matching black blouse adds class and sophistication while the pink scarf and shades locks in the feminine touch that will turn heads.

Finally, you can go sassy and feminine like in a sweet 16 with this pink poodle skirt. The matching black and white striped blouse and black skirt is perfect to add a chic look to the overall style.

However you want to pull it off, a poodle skirt is a definite pick to your next 50’s party.

great gatsby dress

Dressing up for “The Great Gatsby” Themed Party

great gatsby dress

The roaring 20’s was an iconic era in fashion where women dress up for the glitz and glamour. With the revival of The Great Gatsby in the silver screen, 20’s- themed parties are on the rise with women encouraged to take a bold steps back into the years of fashion glory.Hop back in time and dress up to Gatsby style with this Gatsby inspired get-up:

For starters, a dress that portrays sophistication in style would be the best base for your Gatsby get-up.

This gorgeous dress screams everything that is 20’s. from the above knee cut style paired with fishnet stockings, and all the laces in every layer. This will make a great look for anyone looking for a safe to wear dress with a color that matches class and sophistication.

1920s head dress

Then, pair it up with this fabulous head dress  that will accentuate your 20’s look. This black-and-white feather headdress adorned with a mighty gem is sure to turn heads. Matched with bold pearl and you are good to go!

Your Gatsby inspired look will never be complete with the right accessories. After all, the roaring 20’s is all about flashy accessories and dazzling accents.

Try out any of these accessories to accentuate your 20’s look:

roaring 20s party glitter costumeThis glittering sequence belt will add more than glitters to your outfit. It can also be used for dresses with lesser laces and layers for that accentuated, fun style.
1920s hair feather costume

If too much headdress is not your thing, go a little conservative with this hair accessory. It is complete with the gemstones accents that is perfect for any 20’s occasion.

gatsby style shoes

And of course, what’s a good look without the shoes. Polish the Gatsby style with these silver treasures that will sure to hype up your Gatsby experience.

las vegas vintage clothing

Perfecting the Vintage Look

Shopping for vintage clothing is one of life’s best perks, any fashionista will tell you that. There is something about digging through piles of vintage clothing that sends hearts a flutter with the anticipation of finding an amazing vintage piece like no other. Clothing that represents an era of the past, brings a touch of romance and nostalgia to every outfit. Whether it’s a skirt from the 70’s or a 19th century cameo pin, a vintage piece or two, is enough to bring that extra oomph to any outfit.

Hunting for vintage finds is really fun, however it can also get overwhelming. It’s easy to get excited and pile on piece after piece without realizing that they are from various era. Here are some tips to help you choose the right outfit that spells “vintage chic” and not scream “fashion victim.”

  1. Avoid head-to-toe vintage. Unless you are doing a period play or at a 70’s party, don’t wear vintage clothing from top to bottom. For every day wear, choose a vintage piece to accentuate your look. A beautiful 1950’s beaded cardigan will look great with a Forever 21 mini dress and some pumps. Pair your vintage pieces with other simple, low-key pieces to make them shine, look fashionable and wearable at the same time.
  2. Update your vintage pieces. By simply replacing buttons, shortening the hem or having the fit altered your vintage dress can transform from drab to fab. Don’t be afraid to experiment and let your personality shine through.
  3. Mix and match. Turn those boring looking silky secretary blouses into chic statement pieces by simply layering them or pairing them with something current, like an origami skirt. Aim for classic and edgy, throw out the prissy look.
  4. Dress for the occasion. Those Jackie-O dresses look fabulous and flatter most body types. The trick is wearing the right cut and color for the right occasion. Keep the brightly colored sundresses for tea parties and picnics, stick to the subdued tones and conservative cuts for the office. Add newer pieces like a pair of pumps, dark tights and a nice sweater and you’ll be surprised at how many outfits you can have with just one dress.
  5. Watch out for the shoulder pads. While that 70’s disco dress is irresistible, it’s best to ditch the shoulder pads and the plunging V-neckline that goes to the navel. You can tame the look by wearing a tank top underneath and a solid-colored belt for a more put-together, wearable look.


Hunting for vintage clothing in Las Vegas? Visit us at American Costumes and browse through our amazing collection of vintage clothing, shoes and accessories from every era.