Classic Scenarios at American Costumes

This is a list of many things we encountered through the over 35 years of being in business.

We have people coming in from all over Europe wanting to shoot footage for their TV shows of stars coming to Vegas and being Elvis or doing a theme wedding and dressing up.

People come in all the time with their costumes and bridal dresses that are out of date to sell to us, hoping to get back something of what they paid for it. They want us to take things on consignment.

People come into the store for their weddings and yell at us that we charge too much for the costumes….. They can pay for the plane fare, gamble on the strip, but can’t pay $100 for a costume to get married in …go figure.

We had  a bride come in and insist that she would marry as Bridezilla.  She rented the Godzilla mask and actually wore it down the isle  and throughout the ceremony.  I had to get that picture!

What’s coming through the door next? What request is coming on the phone next?  Why am I dressing people for their wedding who wear no underwear going “Commando.” …. Who are these people?  Why am I doing this ?  I could have been a doctor or lawyer, instead  I’m the big costume chief.  Oh, well!

Also there can be the negative side for  our business such as the people who ruin the costumes and fight with us to get their deposits back. “That was there when I got  it. Or I’m  not paying for that..I’m stopping it on my credit card.”

How about the guy who  burned  the vintage Mariachi suit on his motor cycle muffler while riding to his party. We ask him how did it go.  He said there was just one little problem.  After I saw the burnt suit  I told him,   ” the suit is yours, you can be burnt Mariachi man for ever;  you’ll have to forfeit your deposit.  It was $750 dollars.” It was real Silver!

Then there was the girl that rented the princess  gown for the porno flick and said that the dress was only to be worn upon entering the room, that’s all………….she returns it with Vaseline stained fingerprints and semen all over it.  She had someone else return  it for her, so not to be embarrassed and  her  deposit was put through.

How about all the people that left after they  tried on everything and played” barbies” for two hours and not purchased anything…”Can I see how I look in that wig?  Can I try on these five  to see which one I like.”

Then there is the guy who comes in for the disguise  telling me he wants to spy on his  wife……or he wants to break into his ex-wife’s  apartment…there are  security cameras there  and he doesn’t want to be recognized.  Or the guy who wants to go back into the casino  to gamble  after they threw him out.

But here’s the clincher.  This  guy comes into our store to buy a Rastafarian wig. It covers his whole face. He is so polite and sweet.  Three days later the F.B.I. come into  my store and ask me if I  sold him  the wig. They show me my receipt that I  had given him. Then they tell me he bought the wig and robbed the bank down the block  and when they caught him he had the wig rapper and the receipt in the back of his car.   And would I come to court and identify him.