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Taking the Poodle Skirt Back on Your Next 50’s Party

The baby-boomers of the 1950’s where not just survivors, having survived a major economic catastrophe and a world war, they are also men and women of music and fashion. The adorable 50’s gave birth to one of America’s most notable fashion item—the Poodle Skirt. It is a wide wing felt skirt of bright bold color displaying a design often of a poodle. Designed by known fashion designer July Lynne Charlot, this piece of retro-style clothing became a well-known trend in the 50’s, with ladies fashioning them on streets, bars and pubs.

Thus, it is only highly recommendable that when it comes to finding a 50’s outfit for women, the Poodle Skirt is definitely the best pick. Here are some of the ways to conjure the most gorgeous 50’s look with a Poodle Skirt:

This bold and bright violet Poodle Skirt is perfect for a young and fresh 50’s look. Pair with a plain silk blouse and a pink headband, accentuated with a screaming red belt, you will look more than gorgeous!

For a more sophisticated look, this red Poodle Skirt is something you would want to sport in your next 50’s party. Paired with a letdown red ribbon that puts your hair together in a clean bun, you will look like a 50’s sweetheart. It perfectly contrasts with a matching striped red and black casual shirt and a red belt with some metallic accents.

For the more conservative type, this elegant style using a navy blue poodle skirt is a perfect get-up. A matching black blouse adds class and sophistication while the pink scarf and shades locks in the feminine touch that will turn heads.

Finally, you can go sassy and feminine like in a sweet 16 with this pink poodle skirt. The matching black and white striped blouse and black skirt is perfect to add a chic look to the overall style.

However you want to pull it off, a poodle skirt is a definite pick to your next 50’s party.