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Best Halloween Costumes Las Vegas. Looking for Halloween Costumes In Las Vegas Check Our Store Today! For all your Halloween costume needs this year go no further than American Costumes in Commercial Center Las Vegas. Over thousands of Halloween costumes for men, women, and kids including Elvis costumes for dogs, not to forget Halloween supplies and accessories! Serving Las Vegas since 1978 , American Costumes – Halloween Costumes Las Vegas has been the one stop shop with the finest upgraded Halloween Costumes for the family.

The Halloween costumes are from the inexpensive to the upgraded premium. We are centrally located in the middle of town, and not open just for the Halloween season but all year round, You’ll find our service to be very one on one and considerably knowledgeable to dress you, looking your very best. Also if we don’t have in stock that perfect Halloween costume that you came in for ,we will only be too happy to order it in for you. Remember for all your halloween costume needs is America Costumes in Commercial Center, Las Vegas.

Halloween Costume Accessories Galore Las Vegas

So you’re wondering what kind of Halloween Costume accessories we might have at American Costumes before you venture that necessary trip to our store. Makes sense!. We strive ourselves to have on hand everything and anything that one might need to complete their Halloween Costume. With wigs all colors and styles for men and women. One cannot be an indian with a ivy league hairstyle or Miss Muffet without the long blonde curls. Our wigs cover every theme including the “comb over” and modern wigs just to disguise your way to surprise someone at the airport. As far as Halloween costume hats; it is one of our specialties from Gangster to Southern Belle, from Clown to Greek Fisherman, From Renaissance to Newsboy and let’s not forget to mention Crowns and Tiaras along with the necessary regal scepters.

It’s hard to get realistic adult size weapons to go along with Halloween costumes. They are usually kid’s size plastic guns and swords. Not at American Costumes! Our Handguns for Western Halloween Costumes are life size along with the holsters and swords are made of metal especially the swords we use for the masked bandit. We also have metal armor helmets and chainmail. When it comes to makeup and teeth and fangs – the best, we even have non Halloween costume teeth but real looking teeth for the person that has no teeth going for that job interview or wants to give a big smile for pictures at his daughter’s wedding. We are loaded with Halloween Costume jewelry. There is no way one can be King or Queen, Indian, Belly Dancer without the appropriate relatively inexpensive Halloween costume jewelry. For Kings and Queens it is Crowns, Tiaras, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings and Rings. For Indians, it’s breastplates necklaces earrings, beads, headdresses and lots of feathers. One can readily see how significant Halloween Costume accessories are for one’s costume.

To continue our canes are real. Shoes and boots are real and upgraded. We try to stay away from boot tops. We at American Costumes can’t imagine a pirate with boot tops. We even have real boots for our Santas. Our Gangster white ties are great quality. No gangster would be caught killing his victim in a cheap tie. Our suspenders are of rugged quality, so many of the cheap stuff in stores just break at the clasps.
All in all our Halloween Costume accessories are upgraded and top quality
Here’s some of what’s in our store:

  • Wigs. Hats. Masks
  • Weapons and Armor
  • Makeup and teeth
  • leotards and unitards
  • Face and Burlesque Fans
  • canes and parasols
  • Stockings and shorts
  • Costume Jewelry
  • Glasses and eyewear
  • Costume kits for School projects
  • Contact lenses
  • Shoes and boots
  • Ties, scarves, bandanas
  • Bowties and suspenders


So Many Halloween Costumes to Select Even Last Minute in Las Vegas

Halloween Costumes Las Vegas – The very unique thing that happens at Halloween is that most of our patrons do manage to escape from work and come in at the last minute for their Halloween costume. Many people do have the majority of their Halloween Costume already but they are looking for the final touches whether it’s a prop, jewelry, make-up or what ever Halloween accessory they need to complete their ensemble.

At American Costumes we make that last minute shopping for your Halloween costume very easy. The varieties that we offer and the vast amount of Halloween costumes and accessories that we offer make Halloween shopping last minute non threatening and stressless. We specialize in

  • Plus-size Halloween costumes
  • Women’s Halloween costumes
  • Men’s Halloween costumes
  • Theatrical Halloween costumes
  • Movie and television Halloween Costumes
  • Storybook and Fairytale Halloween Costumes
  • Stagewear and Celebrity Halloween Costumes


Vintage Halloween Costumes in Las Vegas

We have a huge assortment at American Costumes of vintage Halloween costumes for women from the forties on up.. A great touch is all the accessories that go with the costumes such as wigs, hats, fans, gloves, jewelry, ties, belts and shoes.

We specialize and get a lot of requests for vintage halloween costumes from the sixties and seventies. The women’s costumes, include the go go boots with the short polyester dresses and the men’s vintage Halloween costumes include the leisure and polyester suits with the big shirt collars.

We can make you look so real the guests at your party will swear that you actually own the ensemble and that you had it all these years in your closet.

We love putting people in the platform shoes and boots..they instantly look like they have lost 20 pounds being four inches taller and the shag wigs make them look like they are ten years younger. All in all it is a great time for vintage and everybody loves it.

It may not be exactly vintage but we have original Batman Joker and Penguin costumes from the early Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson movie. I guess it’s more of a collectors item than vintage. This is from 1989.

And also some of our masks are definitely fall under the category of Vintage Halloween costume accessories.

Halloween Costumes For Kids in Las Vegas

It’s superhero time..We at American Costumes have been catering to children’s costumes based on book reports and history reports for school. It seems like a lot of the costumes are historical and the students become living statues. For instance, they choose a historical character like Abraham Lincoln, dress up like him, and deliver his words and things about him when the spectators pass by. We at American Costumes get such a kick out of dressing the young students as Harriet Tubman, Ben Franklin, Washington, Florence Nightingale, Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clark and getting back reports as they return their costumes, how they received an “A.’

After we dress them in the costumes in the store while their parents are with them, the kids usually do their act for us ,which is so cool. But for Halloween we get a lot of superhero requests and of course Disney requests for children. It seems like the children can’t wait to be Spiderman, Batman, Catgirl, Wonder Woman and Little Mermaid and when they trick or treat with their parents, American Costumes can surely accommodate the grown ups as superheros as well. Halloween Costumes For Kids in Las Vegas

Halloween Costumes For Women in Las Vegas

it comes to Halloween Costumes for women, American Costumes of Las Vegas is number one in upgraded rentals throughout the whole store and the city. Why? Because we specialize in putting together the perfect costume to show off at that halloween party. You want to look good and so “OUT” with those flimsy packaged costumes that are hardly comfortable, too small and with cheap material, and “ON” with the selections that fit you, being comfortable with quality material.

We have a grand selection of Halloween costumes for women, along with all the accessories that will bring attention to you as you enter the room. We specialize in the larger sizes. Our motto is Big tall or small, we fit them all. Some of our favorite themes for Halloween are Renaissance, Seventies, Roman and Egyptian, Western and Showgirl. The women are elegant and classy when donned at American Costumes. Halloween Costumes For Women in Las Vegas


Halloween Costumes For Men in Las Vegas

Men are very interesting creatures when it comes to dressing up in Halloween costumes. At American Costumes of Las Vegas, we find that men for the most part just want to be comfortable or loud or not recognized. They either want to hide in a bear costume, wear some kind of a loud blazer with psychedelic prints on it, or suits like dumb and dumber, Or do something simple like a prisoner suit, which to their liking throw over their own clothes and have their keys and wallets not left behind. Whatever the costume most men want to make sure they can eat and drink without any difficulty. It’s no wonder that after 42 years of catering to men we can accommodate them totally at American Costumes.

When we put the bald men in wigs, their wives laugh hysterically and when the wives laugh hysterically it’s an automatic sale, especially when we do Elvis for them. Our Halloween costumes are upgraded. No costume that someone would want to try on is left in a package. All Halloween costumes are steamed and hung so people can see and feel the material and of course try it on.

We have over 500 linear feet of costumes that people can meander through for ideas, and also a staff that can look at the men size them up and put them into an idea that would flatter them, and have them start dancing in the mirror. You should see the men start dancing and singing when they wear Elvis.Halloween Costumes For Men in Las Vegas

Premium Halloween Costumes for Adults Las Vegas

Does one really need a premium Halloween Costume to go to the party? We at American Costumes have found out—YES. Sure we get a lot of customers who want to go as inexpensive as possible, but then again we get the customers that have to look really good, no cheap packaged costume for them. For them it’s got to be a premium Halloween costume Why? They decide to wear a costume that will actually help elevate the quality of the party show respect, especially to their boss or to the host.

Where does this happen ? CORPORATE….BUSINESS….WEDDINGS..ONE UPMANSHIP …CONTESTS. We have tons of Premium Halloween Costumes to do the trick! At American Costumes in Commercial Center we have made it our policy to cater to what Las Vegas is known for, The Wedding Capital, Entertainment Capital, and Convention Capital of the world. Hence we have in inventory a vast amount of Premium costumes, So at Halloween these costumes naturally become Premium Halloween Costumes for Adults with no problem. Premium Halloween Costumes for Adults Las Vegas

History of Halloween costumes in our store

We at American Costumes have been in business since 1978. Our history goes back over forty years and we have evolved along with our History of Halloween Costumes, which to no surprise follows the movie and television industries. We remember how people back 40 years ago wanted to be Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Interesting how it changed to Snow White, Evil Queen and the Huntsman. So what is going on with these old characters such as Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella? Well they are now today, along with the original versions, having the new sexy versions. The conservative costumes have become, over the years, the new sexy versions especially for women. Now here is something that we would not have guessed forty years ago that mens costumes and men’s characters would now have a woman’s version such as female Ninja Turtles, female Ghostbusters, female Zorro, female Edward Scissorhands, female Freddy Krueger, let’s not forget female Elvis.

Forty years ago the usual request for a renaissance king would be some famous king like Henry the Eighth or some knight like Sir Lancelot. Today the urge to be great king or knight has transformed into just medieval garb that looks like more every day period clothing- example what’s in Game of Thrones – more leathery and studded than velvets and jeweled.
One of the biggest expansion is the theme of Superheroes ….It was just Superman and Batman, but over the last 40 years it’s every kind of man– Ant man, Iron Man, Black Panther, Storm, Daredevil, Green Lantern, Deadpool, Black Widow, Wolverine,etc.
We noticed that Space became a very big theme with the advent of Star Wars and Star Trek movies..Even aliens became more prominent. There also is a trend of couples costumes. His and her matching ensembles.People are not wanting to be just in the same theme, they want the colors to match as well — like costumes for the Seventies. He wears black bell bottoms with a leopard print shirt and she wears a leopard print dress with black platforms.

Last but certainly not least, the biggest historical change is the internet. Years ago people would have to come down to the store to see what they wanted to buy, or to get ideas or to see what was available. NO MORE! Today you must have an internet presence. Your store today needs to be on line. Nobody wants to come down to the store at first. If they see it on your website, they call to make sure you have it . If you have it and they can’t see it on line they want you to send them a picture of it. Between the cell phone and the internet the history of selecting and purchasing costumes is turning the page.