What to wear at Rock in Rio Las Vegas 2015

In its 30th anniversary, Rock in Rio hits America, and it will be staged in no other than the sin city! This long-standing music tradition that originated in Brazil made waves of historic performance with big names as Paul McCartney, Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more. This year, headline performances are expected to blow the roof. With much anticipation, this worldwide-hit event is expected to be another epic one with all the music, people, and of course, costumes. 

What to wear at Rock in Rio Las Vegas 2015
You can attend in plain shirts and jeans, but coming in an attention-grabbing costume will add spice to your experience. Here are our costume ideas that will sure to make heads turn and let you enjoy the festival more.

Hey, it’s the Sin City, so you might as well dress accordingly. Devil costumes are not only hot and sexy, but it makes any concert more wickedly fun!

Come in style with sexy and colorful 70’s inspired costume that will mirror the vibrant celebration and let you move freely. American 70’s costumes are perfect for any musical event.
Dark, devilish and sexy! This black angel costume is perfect for the Rock in Rio party atmosphere– classy with some sprinkles of mischief.
Finally, if sweet and sexy is a combination you prefer, fairy costumes are perfect for you. This style allows you to move freely if you feel like dancing.

Whatever costume you decide to slip into for Rock in Rio 2015, the first thing to keep in mind is comfort and being able to move freely. Remember that a lot of people will be coming, so you want a costume that is easy to carry and move around with.