Las Vegas Costume Jewelry: Adding a Little Bling to Every Occasion

Costume jewelry has been made and worn for centuries. They are made with different materials from rhinestones, glass and seashells to different kinds of beads. Prior to the 19th century, costume jewelry was made to look like precious stone jewelry worn by royalty. Overtime, the beauty and elegance of costume jewelry, from necklaces to earrings and other trinkets, have come to rival those made with precious stones. Today, costume jewelry is at the forefront of fashion and can be seen from the hottest runways to the streets of Las Vegas!

Nothing brings bling to your outfit than a piece or two of beautiful Las Vegas costume jewelry. A chunky necklace, a nice bling ring or some sparkly earrings may just be what you need to complete your look for a night out. Whether you decide to go for simple elegance or over-the-top pieces, it gives an extra oomph to your look, turning ordinary clothes to an extraordinary outfit. Wearing vintage costume jewelry and period pieces is also a great way to complete any period costume for an event or a performance. Cameos and headbands are perfect for a Roaring 20’s look, pins and combs complete a classic 40’s look and chunky neon and gold pieces show off an 80’s rocker vibe.

Wearing jewelry, whether fun faux, vintage or heavy bling is a personal choice. These are statement pieces that represent your personality, style and mood. The trick with wearing costume jewelry is to have fun with it, after all, it’s all about celebrating you. Here are simple tips you can use to add bling to your look:

  1. Accentuate one element at a time. Loading up on all the glitter and sparkle may be fun but it can overwhelm your look and make the whole ensemble look cluttered. Decide which area you want to accent and focus on that. If you already have an armful of colorful or sparkly bangles, go easy on the necklace and earrings.
  2. Pick jewelry that goes with your outfit. If your outfit already has a lot going on, pick a simple yet elegant jewelry to complete the look. An embellished top only needs a simple chain or string of pearls. Save the chunky jewelry for a simple LBD or solid-colored clothing.
  3. Go chic and cheap. You do not need to spend a ton of money to be fashionable, the trick is looking for fabulous costume jewelry that ads pizzazz to your investment clothing.

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