Top 70’s Outfits Pick for Ladies On Your Next Costume Party

Retro costume parties are among the favorites of costume party hosts. The 70’s was blessed with fashion trends that seemed timeless, with all its hip colors, bell bottoms, wigs, oversized accessories, and everything in between.Here, we put together some of the top 70’s costumes picks that will sure to take you back into the decade of rock and roll.


Top 70’s Outfits Pick for Ladies On Your Next Costume Party Be colorful and cheery! This retro outfit is sure to set the dance floor on fire and will catch men’s attention. Paired with this dashing yellow boots, you will sure to get groovy and sexy!

Bring back the glory of the bell bottom days with this savvy outfit that perfectly fits your body. Together with the right bling-bling and accessories and matching headband, you will be the apple of everyone’s eyes.

This costume screams everything groovy. From that gorgeous bell bottomed, long-sleeved overall to that fantastic afro wigs!

Beat the dance floor by rocking and rolling with this Elvis-inspired 70-s costume. Truly flashy and fierce!

Finally, this outfit yells everything that’s 70’s– from the colors and design to the florals, laces and matching shades. This is a definite must-have (Left)

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