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Jazz Up Your Event with the Number 1 Costume Store in Las Vegas, Nevada, American Costumes. Masquerade, Halloween,Theactrical. Over 3000  Las Vegas Costumes.

American Costumes is an all year Las Vegas costume shop with sales and rentals. We have tons of costume supplies and accessories, wigs, makeup, boas, feathers, hats, gloves, shoes.

 The GREATEST Las Vegas Costume Store specializing in ElVIS and SHOWGIRL. We will bring your event to the next level!

American Costumes specializes in the "Las Vegas Costumes"  and costumes from all over the world. Since 1978, the  Las Vegas Costume company has devoted itself with all upgraded Las Vegas Costumes starting with Las Vegas Showgirl Costumes.and Elvis.

American Costumes since 1978 featuring  "Las Vegas Costumes" and " Las Vegas Theme Weddings".   We also provide Singing Telegrams,   Balloons and Decorating.
American Costumes
Call (702) 6710116 and let American Costumes provide "American Costumes" that are from " American history," or "American culture," or costumes that are red white and blue, or made in America, or have "American" in their name.
Las Vegas Costumes
Call (702) 6710116 and let  American Costumes supply you with the "Las Vegas Costumes."  We specialize in Las Vegas Showgirls, Elvis, Celebrities, and Glitzy Stage Wear.   Big ,Tall, or Small, we fit them all.
American Theme Weddings
Call (702) 6710116 and costume your "American Theme Wedding".  Popular American Themes are the 50's, Swinging 60's and American Colonial,  Pirates,Star Wars,Star Trek, Anthony and Cleopatra
Las Vegas Theme Weddings
Call (702) 6710116  for your Las Vegas Theme Wedding. Elvis and Marilyn or Showgirl, Roaring Twenties, Renaissance, Western, The 70's, and Hollywood.
American Singing Telegrams
Call (702) 671 0117 for  your Las Vegas Singing Telegram. Elvis and Marilyn impersonators to bag ladies and clowns. Customized stunts and pranks. American Singing Telegrams does it all from Las Vegas, the entertainment capitol.
American Balloons
Call (702) 671 0117 and American Balloons of Las Vegas will decorate your Las Vegas convention, party, or wedding. Advertise with helium blimps or roof top balloons for that grand Las Vegas Balloon experience.